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My personal mission for starting this business and the David Avantgarde Foundation is my desire and strong will to do something good for the world and nature. I love fashion and beauty, but not at any price, that is why we have the mission statement: "More than Beauty". For MMA, the environment is central. This way of thinking, the foundation wants to pass on to its participants. For a real life example: “Recycled Costumes” are included in MMA, which plays an important role throughout the entire collection. Donate today to the David Avantgarde Foundation, for a green and beautiful planet!

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David Avantgarde Foundation

Objective of the David Avantgarde Foundation.

The beauty & fashion world is one of the polluters of the environment and often works ecologically irresponsible. Just think of the amounts of clothing that is produced and the ways in which. People often do not think about this and everyone want to keep up with the latest trends and buy new products.
The representation to the consumer is also not too often focused on recycling, naturally made products and the production process, which also pays too little attention to nature and people or to the preservation and survival of nature. Our planet must be and remain sustainable and any development towards that goal is worth striving for. That is why the David Avantgarde Foundation will work on this to create an environmentally conscious and ecological fashion world.
Conservation of nature by making biodegradable and environmentally friendly design and clothing such as dresses, trousers, shirts and other products related to fashion and beauty contests.
Create awareness for ecology and climate by organizing fashion shows and other ecological events. Promoting environmental friendliness by organizing a Miss and Mr. Eco election once a year. Organize workshops that provide information about our living environment, natural habitat and climate. How the fashion world, clothing industry and beauty contests can become more aware of nature and what they can do to lend a hand for the environment and therefore also for the people living on this planet.
David Avantgarde is a quality brand of good working conditions, clean environment and the preservation of nature for products from areas where not only rainforests grow, but all over the planet (plants, animals, soil, water and air).

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