Would you like to become the new Avantgarde designer 2021?

The Miss Avantgarde pageant is an event where fashion, beauty and environmental awareness are central. It is also a platform for enthusiastic fashion designers on which they can show who they are, what they stand for and what they want to tell with their design.

Miss will be linked to a fashion designer who will work together as one couple during the entire process up to the final. A theme will be chosen with which the designer will design a creation of recycled materials. In addition to creativity and execution of the creation, special attention is paid to the durability of the design.

Are you a starting and enterprising fashion designer, older than 18 years, do you want to show your creative side and are you environmentally conscious? Do you recognize yourself in it? Then you have a chance to become the Best Avantagarde designer!

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To participate in the Miss & Mr. Avantgard election you have to send three photos.

Please show three designs you are proud of!

Send us 2 minutes of video with your biography


If you are selected, the organization will contact you.

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