• Would you like to become the new Mister Avantgarde the Netherlands 2021?

  • We are looking for more than a “Mister”… Besides beauty, we are looking for talented men who can represent us for a whole year. We focus on art, creativity, recycling and environmental awareness. Someone who has something to say and who wants to make a positive contribution to our society.

  • For the Title of Mister Avantagarde The Netherlands or Mister Male Avantgarde the Netherlands, we are looking for handsome and enthusiastic men between 18 and 31 years old, at least 1.75 cm tall, with a sportive body and healthy lifestyle.

  • You can be of any nationality, however you should be a resident of the Netharlands, not married and have no children.

  • Are you socially active in social media, do you like photo shoots, trainings and you want to shine on stage? ….

  • then you are our new Mister Avantgarde!

  • Register now via the form below!
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Use the button at the end of the forms to send us the following documents


1 Profile picture

1 Photo standing and full body (swimsuit)

1 photo standing with casual clothes

2 minute video with your biography


If you are selected, the organization will contact you.

 First Casting  Sunday JUNI   7  From      12:00 to 17:30  

Would you like to be a representative of one of the 12 regions?


  Boys 18 to 31       bring black pants and black shirt.     

Address  :

    Leroy ter Haar Mr.Avantgarde 2018
Remie Groeneveldt  Mr.Male A 2016/17
   Roel Moleman
 Mr.Avantgarde 2019
     Dylan Oldenbrug Mr.Avantgarde 2016/17
Jordy Hamwijk Mr.Male A 2018
Baboucaar Camara
Mr.Male A 2019