David Cárdenas, was born in Maracay Edo aragua the city of venezuela garden. builds his career in Caracas, Venezuela. During his career as a stylist, make-up artist and fashion designer, Cárdenas worked in large companies such as Wella venezuela C.A Sebastian professional and RCTV radio caracas television venevision entere others and beauty contests and has the opportunity to train participants for international competitions. From that moment, Cárdenas wants to continue his career, and at that moment he takes the step to go to Europe. While traveling throughout Europe, he falls in love with Holland, its culture, its people and many other characteristics that make it a special country. From then on, Cárdenas has enough reasons to move to the Netherlands.

In 2010, Cárdenas meets miss Desiree van den Berg casually. He has a task to make a makeup and during this process, they get to know each other more. Van den Berg told Cárdenas about her participation as Miss Nederland in the international Miss Universe election. Cárdenas, in turn, informs her about his experience as a coach of Misses and, despite the fact that the election is quite soon, they agreed that Cárdenas will train her.


In 2012, Cárdenas was contacted directly by Miss Netherlands. He was invited to train Miss Nederland 2012 Natalie den Dekker. As a result, for the first time in 27 years, the Netherlands receives a prize again, this time the third place at Miss Universe contest for 'National costume', which was named 'Mosaic'. Due to this award, Natalie den Dekker got the opportunity to participate in the "Miss International" election, in which she got the first place in "National costume" and, in addition, becomes the First Finalist of the Miss International 2013. This time, the inspiration for the national costume is the painting of Van Gogh "Sunflower"

After this success in 2012, Cárdenas was proposed to work with:

Stephanie Tency - Miss Universe 2013 (7th place for the typical costumes - Peacock Amsterdam)

Jacqueline Steenbeek - Miss World 2013 (10th place for the gala costume)

Yasmin Verheijen - Miss Universe 2014 (4th finalist in all Miss Universe elections)


Finally, Cardenas decides to start his own beauty contest - Miss Avantgarde. He discusses this idea and concept with his friend and business partner Vicky Zimmerman. By 2015, they began to develop the election of Miss Avantgarde. A little later, in 2016, it becomes an event for Miss and Mr. Avantgarde.


The election of Miss and Mr. Avantgarde is distinguished from similar events. It is the first contest in which a fashion designer plays a leading role, working with a miss, creates one costume made of recycled material. With this creation, designer has a chance to win the award for the Best Recycling Designer Avantgarde.

On the other hand, Mr. Avantgarde works closely with his own photographer. This is intended to present a final selection of three images. This selection includes a black and white photo, an indoor and outdoor photo. They work together with the corresponding selection to obtain the award "Best Avantgarde Photographer".


The whole concept of Miss and Mr. Avantgarde has been designed and developed by professional fashion designer David Cardenas. David is famous in the world of fashion for his special creations for Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International Miss Earth, Miss Eco International and other world elections

Miss Beauty Avantgarde The Netherlands


Miss Avantgarde the Netherlands

Miss Avantgarde the Netherlands

Miss Beauty Avantgarde The Netherlands

Miss  Mister Avantgarde the Netherlands

David Avantgarde Foundation

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David Avantgarde Foundation

Objective of the David Avantgarde Foundation.


The beauty & fashion world is one of the polluters of the environment and often works ecologically irresponsible. Just think of the amounts of clothing that is produced and the ways in which. People often do not think about this and everyone want to keep up with the latest trends and buy new products.
The representation to the consumer is also not too often focused on recycling, naturally made products and the production process, which also pays too little attention to nature and people or to the preservation and survival of nature. Our planet must be and remain sustainable and any development towards that goal is worth striving for. That is why the David Avantgarde Foundation will work on this to create an environmentally conscious and ecological fashion world.
Conservation of nature by making biodegradable and environmentally friendly design and clothing such as dresses, trousers, shirts and other products related to fashion and beauty contests.
Create awareness for ecology and climate by organizing fashion shows and other ecological events. Promoting environmental friendliness by organizing a Miss and Mr. Eco election once a year. Organize workshops that provide information about our living environment, natural habitat and climate. How the fashion world, clothing industry and beauty contests can become more aware of nature and what they can do to lend a hand for the environment and therefore also for the people living on this planet.
David Avantgarde is a quality brand of good working conditions, clean environment and the preservation of nature for products from areas where not only rainforests grow, but all over the planet (plants, animals, soil, water and air).